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Buy Travel Insurance online with only 4 steps to be covered


Worry-free trip with 24 hour emergency travel assistance services worldwide insured by No. 1 insurance company from Japan


Convenience with paperless environment. Insurance policy and trip information can be viewed anywhere anytime on your mobile



I don’t know SOMPO before, so how I trust SOMPO?

Sompo Insurance (Thailand) Pcl. has been established on 13 June 1997. Our current registered capital is 3,120 million baht fully paid up. We are now number 1 most trusted and the largest Japanese insurance companies in Japan with credit rating of A- from Standard & Poor’s (The biggest American financial services company). With our resolute commitment, extensive expertise, strong financial status and global network, our customers are assured the highest quality of insurance services.


What should I do in case of emergency accident or sickness during overseas travelling?

All customers can contact our emergency services call center 24 hours at +662-205-7775


How do I fill out departing and arriving date?

Please fill out the date you depart and arrive Thailand.


For transit flight, how do I fill out flight number?

For transit flight, please fill out the flight number departing from Thailand and the flight number that arrives Thailand.


What is the privilege of Go Japan plan?

Go Japan plan is special plan for all SOMPO customers whose destination is Japan. In case of emergency, just call our emergency services number at 02-2057775 everyday 24 hours, you will get additional services as per below

  • Telephone medical advice to advice on our recommended hospital networks with direction to go and/or to make the doctor appointment for you
  • To interpret the Thai/English/Japanese medical communication/message between you and Japanese doctor via telephone to ensure the same understanding about your symptom and the medical treatment
  • Cashless medical services with our hospital networks in Japan. You don’t need to pay the cost in advance; we will take care for you with the limit according to your selected plan.

If airline cancels flight, will I be able to claim damages?

This plan covers flight cancelation in case of insurer or their family members die, severely injure or seriously sick that doctor recommends not to fly or travel. Including fire incident and natural disaster happens with insurer's house. This plan does not cover flight cancelation due to operational reasons.


Why I need to buy Travel Insurance? I already have life insurance and/or Personal accident.

Travel Insurance is the important insurance product to cover unexpected lost and expenses during the overseas trip for all travelers. There is not only standard coverage for life insurance and medical expense but also has other additional special tailored made coverages for travelers which are 24 hour emergency travel assistant services and coverages on flight protection and baggage and personal belongings protection.



Who is eligible to buy travel insurance with SOMPO?

Applicants must be residents in Thailand only with the age 1-75 years


Applicants who are age during 1-14 years will get the same coverage with adults or not?

Applicants who are age during 1-14 years will be able to get the maximum coverage in all insurance plans for loss of life, dismemberment, loss of sight or total permanent disability at THB1 Million and for medical expenses during travel overseas at THB2 Million. Other covers shall remain as the selected plan.  


What is the different between Single Trip and Annual Trip plan?

Single Trip pan is the cover per trip but the annual trip plan is the plan to cover unlimited number of trip within a year which the maximum days per trip must be 90 days


When I can buy the travel insurance?

Every travel insurance plan must be purchased at least 2 hours before departure time.


Can the customers with pre-existing conditions buy travel insurance?

Yes, but the policy will not cover these pre-existing conditions or any complication arising from these conditions.


What is the excluded country for this travel insurance plan?

This travel insurance does not cover the travel to Afghanistan, Cuba, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Nicaragua, North Korea, Palestine and Syria


What is the claim process for travel insurance?

The customer can contact our call center every day at 8.00 – 20.00 via our online chat on our SOMPO website or call 02-119-3088 for further support or assistant.